We R&R: Matt Bonilla

1.Who are you?

My name is Matt Bonilla . I am music , my whole existence is based on the creation and sharing of experiences through music. Since my early years I have been looking for ways to express myself and share a message to the world.   I found it in writing. I am
a singer-songwriter that performs a mix of singing, spoken word, rapping through acoustic-livelooping. With a dreamy sound , jazzy/Rnb chords and chill melodies I will take my audience on a journey.

2.Where are you from?

I was born in Colombia , raised in Curacao. Currently living in Rotterdam.

3.Where are you going to?

I am currently staying in The Netherlands to develop myself artistically. I will be writing and experimenting to put ideas that I have in my mind for the world to listen. I will go to a music school and keep on performing.